A listing of current media releases addressing the safety of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequency (RF) on health.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cell phones' waves found to disorient honeybees

Q: I saw an article that said cell phones are a cause of colony collapse disorder in honeybees. That is hard to believe. Do you have any information on that?
A: It is my contention that the main cause of colony collapse disorder in honeybees is from pesticides. Another reason for the population decline in honeybees is believed to be electromagnetic radiation that is emitted from cell phones and wireless towers. According to an article published in the Times of India, a study in Kerala found that cell phone towers caused a rapid decline in their honeybee population and that they could cause a complete collapse of the bee population in 10 years. Dr. Sainuddin Pattazhy, who conducted the study, concluded that the electromagnetic waves from the towers shorted out the navigational abilities of the worker bees so they couldn't find their way back to their hive after collecting pollen.
A study conducted at Landau University in Germany showed that when cell phones were placed near hives, the bees wouldn't return to them. Scientists believe the radiation generated by the cell phones was enough to interfere with the bees' communication system, which are movement patterns, with their hives.
I doubted the contention that cell phones were detrimental to bees when I first heard it. But studies have shown that the electromagnetic fields have an impact on other species as well, including migratory birds that lose their orientation in the radiation.
If the electromagnetic radiation can affect birds, then there is no doubt in my mind it can affect insects as well, including honeybees. We also need to be concerned about our own species. At one time we were convinced that cigarette smoking was harmless. We were wrong with cigarettes, and we need to look carefully at electromagnetic radiation.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scientists Believe Your Cell Phone Is a Death Trap

This is a great link from Dr Mercola:

Monday, November 30, 2009

Great New Web Sites

These are two great new websites addressing the issue of electromagnetic pollution, by Canada's leading researcher, Dr Magda Havas, Trent University:



Cell Phones for class lessons

Cell phones for class lessons
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Pleas read the article, below, entitled: "Teachers begin using cell phones for class lessons" and call your child's school right away. Ask them to enforce a policy of prohibiting the use cell phone and other electronic devices in their schools as the French Senate just ruled to protect students attending French state schools. Teachers who direct students to use cell phones in the classroom as a learning tool are perhaps unwittingly falling prey to the cell phone industry mantra that "there is no credible scientific evidence to show there is harm." There is a growing body of scientific evidence and concern among neurosurgeons and other health practitioners that the radiation from cell phones can cause health problems.
In fact, scientific evidence is mounting that there is an association between long term cell phone use and head and neck tumors - brain, ear, eye, salivary gland tumors, both malignant and non-malignant can result. The numbers are small because it takes many years for tumors to form and the U.S. population has only in the past 6 years become habituated to routine use of these devices.
Expert Scientists in the Scandinavian countries and elsewhere, where cell phones have been popular for a longer time. have done studies showing links between cell phone use and brain cancers and nonmalignant tumors on the nerve in the inner ear. Medical doctors are reporting increased rates of brain cancer among their youngest patients, even during their first year of life. Scientists are deeply concerned about the potential impact on this next generation of young people, many of who are early adaptors and regular users, even at age 8! Due to smaller head size and thinner skull bones, children's brains and absorb more radiofrequency radiation from cell phones than adult brains do. Young brains are developing into early 20s. Students health can be affected by radiation in the classroom, affecting memory ,concentration and causing depression and can result in iinfertility, neurological problems and other serious health conditions. Scientists warn that these early adaptors are 5 times more likely to develop a brain tumor by the time they turn age 30.
Society should support education to prepare their young for long, healthy and productive lives. We need good teachers to interact with students and guide them in learning how to read, write, develop critical thinking and other skills to be all they can be. Electronic devices are distracting, time-wasting and have limited value in the classroom as a teaching tool. Training students to become habitual users of cell phones in class seems like a low priority. Remember the cigarette ads? Now, we know smoking is not so cool. Are cell phones the new cigarettes?
for more information, I refer you to the International commission for Electromagnetic Safety, www.icems.eu. and to the Environmental Health Trust, Inc. www.environmentalhealthtrust.org. There you will find scientific information, resolutions and media presentations on the state of the science on electromagnetic fields issued by prominent scientists and medical doctors. You can view a TV interview Dr. Oz did with Dr. Devra Davis in mid-November 2009 on cell phones and health, especially the possible health effects on children by going to www.evironmentalhealthtrust.org. and scrolling down to "cell phones." Simple safety advice: don't let children use cell phones, don't hold it by your head, text instead, turn it off when not in use and, keep your land lines.
Elizabeth Kelley
Managing Secretariat
International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety

Teachers begin using cell phones for class lessons

Associated Press Writer
November 27, 2009

Cell phones, the subject of tugs of war between parents, teachers and students across the nation, are taking on a new role in the classroom: learning tool.

Tech savvy teachers are asking students to use their phones to record foreign language assignments, take photographs for projects and do mini-Internet searches if they have a Web browser.

That's a stark contrast to the emphasis that has been placed on prohibiting their use, often out of fear students will cheat or take inappropriate pictures then passed on to friends.

A majority of teens have a cell phone today, and with many schools unable to afford a computer for every student, teachers are starting to see them as a helpful learning device instead.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Professor warns of cellphone health hazards

Updated Wed. May. 27 2009 10:24 AM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

A Columbia University professor is warning the public about the negative health effects of man-made electromagnetic fields, which come out of cellphones and power lines.

Dr. Martin Blank, a professor with the school's Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, compared the EMF waves to the ripples caused by dropping a pebble into a quiescent pond.

"The water doesn't move, it just carries the energy further and further out," Blank told CTV's Canada AM Wednesday.

"It's the same thing about these waves. These waves are generated in all kinds of charges that are present anywhere.

"When you get an electromagnetic field that's coming out of a power line, or it's coming out of a cellphone antenna or a cellphone tower it's going to do things to the molecules in our body."

Blank says EMFs in the environment may lead to brain tumours, Alzheimer's disease, dementia and breast cancer.

Blank, who is speaking in Toronto Wednesday on behalf of the BioInitiative Working Group, said past research has focused too much on the thermal effects of man-made EMFs.

"The heat is what everyone has focused on largely because that was an easy thing to measure," he said.

However, Blank said researchers are now able to measure biochemical changes.

"The biochemical changes occur long before there are changes in temperature," he said.

"That's why people who have focused on the thermal effects, which is the measure of the heat, have gotten the wrong answer."

He said researchers have concluded that there is no real harm because they haven't found any changes in temperature.

"That's not true, there's a lot of change going on there," Blank said.

"One of the changes we've found is the stress response. The cells themselves are telling us that they're in trouble."

In the "language of the cells," they start to make new proteins that they haven't made before and that they only make when they're in trouble.

"These stress proteins are made with all these different electromagnetic fields (EMF)," he said.

"They're made with power line EMFs, they're made with cellphone EMFs and there a clear indication that the cell senses this stuff as potentially harmful."

Au Revoir. Cell phones banned from French elementary schools

France is shutting down cell phone use in its elementary schools, due to health concerns. The government ban comes after a study on mobile phone use and wi-fi radiation.

Currently cell phone use is permitted on elementary school grounds, but not in classrooms.

The new mandate will shut down their useage completely. Under the measure, companies will also be required to supply phones that only work with a headset, in order to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Some groups accuse the French government of not going far enough to protect children's health, and are pushing for new laws prohibiting all children 14 and under from using mobile phones.

They also want greater regulation on where cell phone towers can be placed.

© 2009 NBC

International Agency for Research on Cancer:

The INTERPHONE Study, a series of multinational case–control studies set-up to determine whether mobile telephone use increases the risk of cancer and, specifically, whether the radiofrequency radiation emitted by mobile telephones is carcinogenic, is nearing completion. Separate studies have being carried out for acoustic neurinoma, glioma, meningioma and tumours of the parotid gland. The studies used a common core protocol and were carried out in Australia,Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Details of the study protocol and procedures have been published (Cardis, Richardson et al, 2007 – Springer Open. . Access http://www.springerlink.com/content/x88uu6q103076p53/).

Radiation levels from phones skyrocket

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Radiation levels from phones skyrocket

The Swiss are exposed to ten times more radiation from mobile phones and other electronic devices than they were 20 years ago.

However, the authors of a study published on Wednesday said the average strength of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields, 0.22 volts per metre, was still well under the permitted limits in Switzerland.

Researchers from Bern and Basel universities measured the impact on individuals by strapping electromagnetic-detection devices to 166 volunteers.

The study found mobile phones, mobile phone masts and cordless phones were the main culprits for the increase. Electrosmog from radio and television stations and Wi-Fi signals plays only a minor role.

The authors said individuals are responsible for generating much of the radiation themselves and recommend that people cut down on calls from their mobile devices and buy phones with cords for home use to reduce exposure.

They added there was still insufficient evidence that this type of radiation was harmful, but the results of an international study looking into the impact on health were expected by the end of this year.

The Swiss study was funded by the National Science Foundation and has been published in the magazine, Environmental Research.

swissinfo.ch with agencies

Warning given about 'electrosmog' on Island

An expert in dirty electricity is warning Bermudians of the dangers of living on a small island in such close proximity to wireless signals and cell phone

Dr. Magda Havas spoke on 'electrosmog' at Cathedral Hall last night. An Associate Professor at Trent University, Canada, she conducts global research into electromagnetic fields and pollution. She said she hoped her visit to Bermuda would help raise awareness of its impact on public health.

"You have so many cell phones and antennas on such a small island here," she said.

"Very often governments will tell you that if the guidelines are exceeded it is perfectly safe, but that's not what scientific research is showing.

Radiation Review: Some People May be 'Allergic' to Cell Phones, Computers

How exactly does the radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF) affect the human body? Is it possible that cell phones, computer monitors, TVs, and other electronic devices - which operate within current EMF safety standards - cause illnesses, or are the people who claim to be sensitive to these devices just paranoid? The topic is one of the most controversial subjects in technology today, having important consequences in politics, consumerism, human rights, and health costs.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

America's Addiction To Cell Phones Unsafe

Cell phone use has become an addiction in this country, and the results haven't been good.
Even the President found his nicotine habit was easier to kick than his cell phone addiction. President Obama was unwilling to relinquish his BlackBerry after being elected, immediately commissioning a top-secret model to be designed just for him.

But not cellular use has been good natured. Cell phones have helped contribute to much worse than tasteless text messages. Teenage "sexting" has increased, mass transit accidents and car crashes have occurred, prison violence has increased and a witness was assassinated before trial by order of an inmate with a cell phone.

Protest shuts down cell tower construction

Protesters managed to shut down work on a Rogers cell tower in Charlottetown Wednesday by blocking an access road to the construction site.

Joan McNeil is concerned about the effect the cell tower will have on her health.Joan McNeil is concerned about the effect the cell tower will have on her health. (CBC)

Construction on the tower, approved by Industry Canada over the wishes of city council, began earlier this week. It's in a field behind houses along Mount Edward Road, and local residents are concerned about the possible health effects of having a cell tower nearby. Among the protesters were nuns from a convent that is in the area.

"All the cancer it's caused," said protestor Joan McNeill.

New 740 AM - Zoomer Radio interview Dr. Magda Havas

Magda Havas is going to be interviewed for 20 minutes on the Dale
Goldhawk Radio show in Toronto "the New 740 AM - Zoomer Radio"
between 12:10 and 12:30 pm (EST) on Thursday May 14th. It is going
to have a call-in section so some people may want to share their
experiences with EHS and CFLs. I don't have the number but they will
announce it on air.

Here is their website.


People can listen online if they want. Go to their main site
www.am740.ca and "click to listen"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Orange relay antenna is still emitting radiation Les Chesneaux schools are closed this morning

The Town Council is in a real trial of strength with the phone operator Orange,
who made it known that they would not stop the emission from the antenna when
the school term started again. The mayor Jacques Krabal had already declared,
"I won't be the mayor who lets our children be put at risk."

B.C. mother challenges safety of Wi-Fi in schools

VANCOUVER — Una St. Clair-Moniz doesn’t want her children exposed all day to radiation emitted from wireless Internet networks used in schools.

The mother of two is among a group of Langley, B.C. parents calling for schools to err on the side of caution in the face of scientific studies that question the safety of Wi-Fi networks.

IARC Director Forces Publication Of Interphone Brain Tumor Results

The stalemate over Interphone is coming to an end. A project of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) on the possible links between mobile phones and tumors, Interphone has been bogged down for over three years while its members feuded over how to interpret their results. Now, Microwave News has learned, a paper on brain tumor risks is about to be submitted for publication. Christopher Wild, the director of IARC, forced a compromise to resolve what had become a major embarrassment for the agency.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Birds, the Bees and Electromagnetic Pollution, by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, May 2009

Animals use their cryptochrome pigments for both magnetic and solar navigation. They also control the activity of the immune system. Weak electromagnetic fields can affect all of these functions with disastrous consequences.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The mayor of the second largest city in Calvados is going to remove the wi-fi network from local schools...

"Our job is to protect people's health,"
declared the mayor Rodolphe Thomas during a press conference.

Modern Wind Turbines Generate Dangerously “Dirty” Electricity

Wind turbines are causing serious health problems. These health problems are often associated, by the people having them, with the flicker and the noise from the wind turbines. This often leads to reports being discounted.
- Catherine Kleiber, electricalpollution.com

Join the Class Action Suit Against CLEAR WI-MAX. Technology Threatens Health of Everyone

Could Dow Chemical set up a plant in downtown Portland? Well, Wi-Max technology is wi fi on steroids that will blast every portlander in our homes whether we subscribe to it or not and this technology is at least 3x's as harsh as the average cell tower. They must be stopped or the genetic integrity of our children may be at risk. Thousands of studies worldwide (not one ongoing study in the u.s.!!) confirm that this unregulated technology poses a devastating health risk that some scientists predict will overtake tobacco and asbestos combined. Check out Bioinitiative Report and www.wirelesswatchblog.com
If you would like to know more about this, write to oregonskywatch@gmail.com and check out the site: www.wirelesswatchblog.com We are organizing a class action suit against the company and the Mayor and City Council for allowing this to be set up here.


Cellular companies killed TV show

Unusual news once in a life time: Here is something I was involved with helping the investigators of this programm, some of you were interviewed in England to this programm, that was supposed to be screened a year ago, on antennas risk, on Israeli TV.
In a very unusual exposure, the journalist Aviv Lavie, who saw this programm before it was killed by the cell companies, exposed today in the national newspaper Maariv that the cellular companies, after seeing the result, decided not to allow the programm to be aired and concealed it. They funded this programm with $90,000. The journalist who prepared the programm, Dan Shilon, arrived at the conclusion that the cellular phones will be the cigarettes of the 21 century. The programme showed researchers of cell phones like Prof Korensten and Prof Levi Schachter, and the cellular companies did not like the fact that the programm included strong evidence on the risk of phones. The comapnies explained their behaviour by the fact that they did surveys that showed that everything they fund will not be trusted by the public. When asked why they funded it in the first place, Lior Verona (cell companies forum) said that they fund campaigns in millions, so what is $90,000 for them anyway.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Dark Side Of CFLs

This is a great and informative article on the effects of CFLs (compact florescent bulbs) in our lives and our environment. CFL's are not as environmentally friendly as we are lead to believe.


Mechanisms linked to exposure to ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs)

This is an interesting chart showing the biological effects of EMFs.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Artificial microwave irradiation of the public and excess mortality: a case study.

Artificial microwave irradiation of the public and excess mortality: a case study.

Birds, Bees And Mankind

Destroying Nature by "Electrosmog" : BEES, BIRDS AND MANKIND.
- Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht, Dr. med. Markus Kern, Prof. Dr. phil. Karl Richter, and Dr. med.
Hans-Christoph Scheiner abd and Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Buchner,Prof. Dr. med. Rainer
Frentzel-Beyme,Dr. rer. nat. Lebrecht von Klitzing, Prof. Dr. phil. Jochen Schmidt, Prof.
Dr. jur. Erich Schöndorf, Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke, Prof. Dr. med. Guido Zimmer:


Take wi-fi out of class: teacher

A County Tyrone teacher has called for wireless products, known as wi-fi, to be taken out of classrooms because of health concerns.

Wifi in school should be stopped, say teachers


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Canada offside with world on cell tower issue

The European parliament voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to push for tougher regulations to keep mobile phone towers and other electromagnetic emitting devices away from schools and to limit cellphone use for children and teenagers because of the "continuing uncertainties about the possible health risks."

Key parts of the newly endorsed report, backed by 559 of 581 parliamentarians, puts Canada offside with a growing number of international bodies raising concerns about a possible link between wireless technologies and devices and certain types of cancers, including brain cancer.


How Microwave Radiation Surrounds Us

Relay antenna Graph : average intensity of radiation at ground level in the axis of the beam.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Excellent 3minute video on EMF Health

Please, take a look at the enclosed video web link from the recent
meeting in the French Senate, Paris, March 23, 2009:

Colloque au SENAT - Electro-hypersensbilité (EHS) : VIDEO de l'appel
des scientifiques européens - 23/03/2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Unprecedent crisis in France over Cell Towers

19 March 2009


Relay antennas: a new judgement and a ministerial crisis in France

In the face of widespread protest and numerous lawsuits there is now a ministerial crisis in the country. Apparently in the last few days the unconfirmed number of 135 lawsuits have been launched! In an effort to clarify the situation, Next-up Organisation is putting out a countrywide appeal in order to find out the exact number of lawsuits in progress or about to be introduced. Me Denis Seguin - District Court of Angers

At the request of the Prime Minister the round table on relay antennas, which was supposed to take place on 26 March 2009 with the participation of three ministers (Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Minister for Health, Chantale Jouanno, Secretary for Ecology and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Secretary for the Development of the Digital Economy), has been postponed to the end of April. In the face of the rejection of relay antennas that is gaining ground among the public, on 26 March there will instead be an emergency meeting with certain ministers and the mobile phone companies only. In spite of his reassuring statements, which are based notably on the WHO reports (!), it seems that the Prime Minister is discovering the truth about the health problems of relay antennas. Mrs Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin Minister for Health

Every day there are dozens of
newspaper articles and TV reports that highlight the growing awareness among the public of the health problems associated with artificial microwave radiation. According to the polls, it seems that the tide is now turning. People no longer believe the reassuring speeches from the authorities, but are beginning to think that the NGOs and the independent scientists are right to sound the alarm.

And that is not the worst of it: Next-up Organisation has just been sent a copy of a document classed as confidential coming from the research department of Electricité de France (EDF), the official producer and distributor of electricity in France. This document,
written more than 25 years ago, describes the functioning of the human metabolism (which is based on bio-electromagnetic energy) and the harmful effects of interacting electromagnetic fields on the human being, and outlines the policy for informing the public. EDF Headquarters in Paris

In view of the confidentiality of this document issued by an official body, the first part has been put on line with a password for subscribers to Next-up News. Available in French at the following address: www.next-up.org/France/EDF.php The essential paragraphs (a dozen pages) are in process of being translated into English.

Public health implications of wireless technologies


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brain cancer linked to youngsters using cellphones

An oncologist from Sweden's University Hospital found that after one or more years of cellphone use, there is a 5.2-fold elevated risk of malignant brain tumour in children who begin using mobile phones before the age of 20 years; the odds for other ages was 1.4.

Read the article:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cell phone health concerns continue to spread

Humans are not the only ones affected by cell towers. This tree in front of Kaslo's tower is not taking it very well. (Photo: Mi Kai Lee)

Humans are not the only ones affected by cell towers. This tree in front of Kaslo's downtown tower is not taking it very well. (Photo: Mi Kai Lee)

A court in France has ordered the dismantling of a cell phone mast based on the ‘precautionary principle’ because there is insufficient proof that cell phones are harmless. The suit was initiated by residents in the vicinity of the tower against cell phone company Bouygues Telecom. Following the judgements of the Nanterre TGI (District Court) and the Versailles Appeal Court Bouygues Telecom began dismantling its phone mast in the early morning of March 6, 2009.

Monday, March 9, 2009

RF energy, cell phones and your health

RF energy affects affects the central nervous system, says Dr Lai:

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cell Phone Masts do not belong on schools

We truly need to be aware of the amount of Radio Frequency radiation our children are exposed to in a day, and ensure that schools do not erect cell tower masts on school property.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cell Phone Risks and great links

Scroll down past the first page and there are great links and references with regards to cell phone use and the effects of radio frequency radiation.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Mobile phones: tomorrow will be too late


Friday, February 27, 2009

Cell Phones, the New Cigarettes


Good tips to a cleaner electrical environment:

The following are suggestions for parents whose children use cell phones:

• Invest in a $10.00 landline and use it! Do not use cordless phones. “It’s better to have the inconvenience of a landline than the inconvenience of a brain tumor.”
• Limit cell phone use to emergencies only, including texting.
• Don’t let them sleep with their cell phones under their pillows at night so they can text their friends.
• Turn off all cell phones when not in use.
• Use a speakerphone whenever possible.
• Start trying to break your own habit of using a cell phone by setting a good example for your children, and tell them why you’re doing it.
• Use a headset, preferably the old fashioned kind that wraps around the head, as opposed to sticking a wire inside the ear if you do have to use your cell phone in an emergency situation.
• Get an “air tube headset” online, as it is currently one of the better alternatives to sticking a hard wired signal right inside your ear
• Last but not least, INVEST IN A LANDLINE!

Are You Suffering From Radio Wave Sickness?

This is a great article outlining the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity:


Test yourself - you may be surprised.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity "Desperation for a denied illness"

Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity "Desperation for a denied illness"

Autism and Electromagnetic Radiation

A Possible Association Between Fetal/neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Increased Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders http://groups.google.com/group/mobilfunk_newsletter/browse_thread/thread/d7aad7ace8d42cd1

Electromagnetic Health org.: Dr Thomas RAU Medical Director of Switzerland's Paracelsus Clinic Takes Stand on Hazards of Electromagnetic Pollution - ‘Electromagnetic Load' a Hidden Factor in Many Illnesses.

Lightbulbs Lasting 60 Years? No! CFLs e,mit dirty electricity - most LED lights do not:

Drivers on cell phones kill thousands