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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Proposed Bell Cell tower in Markham

Gilda Rovan is opposing two cell phone towers which are proposed for her neighborhood in Richmond Hill, Ontario. When you read about her experiences (below) which relate to electrical pollution of her previous neigbourhood, it is easy to see why she is concerned about this new danger. We all need to thank Gilda for speaking out.


Dear Mayor Barrow:

I have been a resident of Richmond Hill for the past twenty-one years.

Prior to that time I lived in Thornhill in the Willowbrook area for ten years. During that time I watched as my husband, the father of two young children, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 41. Our lives were permanently, negatively impacted. I also watched one of my closest friends die two years after being diagnosed with ALS. Another friend's husband developed a brain tumor that went into his sinuses and which resulted in more than four very long surgeries that changed his face beyond recognition. Another friend's beautiful and talented daughter died at 18 from cancer. Another friend got Alzheimer's in her early forties and is still residing in a nursing home in her late fifties.

We all lived in the Willowbrook area, surrounded by Hydro wires. When my friend, Cheryl, went to Sunnybrook Hospital after being diagnosed with ALS, one of the first questions that she was asked was if she had ever lived in the Willowbrook area. Why? They had recently diagnosed 6 cases of ALS, all from the Willowbrook area. Yet, government officials are still trying to tell us that the hydro wires are safe. The radiation from each is minimal but how much is too much for our already compromised immune systems.

So, I moved to Richmond Hill. I had heard wonderful things about this area that has such a rich history. I felt that here my family would be safe.

Well, here we are again but this time we have the opportunity to protect our husbands, our wives, our children from the insidiousness of things being done in the name of progress. At a time when the world is going "GREEN" this seems quite strange to me.

You, as our Mayor, must be the one to protect Richmond Hill from this deadly radiation. By signing the "Open Letter to Bell Mobility by the Mayor of the Town of Richmond Hill" you are sending a message to the big cell phone companies that Richmond Hill will not stand by and close its eyes as they come in and make us sick or even kill us. There are enough environmental and other toxins that our bodies have to cope with that we cannot control. This we can.

Please act on our behalf. I know that you are very busy with other matters but I truly, as a citizen of Richmond Hill, cannot think of anything that could be more important than this issue.

With respect,

Gilda Rovan

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